Because life is a SONATA
January - 03 - 2012
Do you dare..? to live on high?
Do you have the courage to walk straight, when the arrows on the road of time, cross often and point you to distraction? Do you have the strength to keep the pure choice? Do you know how to make boundaries even though you may... lose, be alone, have empty pockets and gain nothing that the world can see? Living life on a note is not for the small soul, or the faint of heart.

To choose your own path, you need to initiate, you will have to make all your own rules, tell your family to be quiet, give some friend the boot, and cry alone. You will have to exit many rooms, travel in pain and hear words that call you crazy.

Choices make you - the king and queen of your world. Choices of self-love make you stand strong in the breeze, alone in the sand, with your heart pink with unconditional love, and the world. In the choice of strength of spirit, it is enough to have your own feet. Your elevator has one direction, no stop signs, and no decisions about buttons to push. It is enough that you know that you move beyond the third dimension – with Einstein, and Gandhi and the Beatles… On the high yellow brick road, you may meet the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion, and the witch and the wizard, but you own your own shoes. You will never take them off for people, for money, for fame. The dark forest you will pass and the poison is the fake garden, and the empty rooms behind the doors. But, you will have committed to living somewhere over the rainbow, where dreams are born. And in our world, in our times, we need the compass that will seek the peaks. Commit, choose, stay and walk on the high road with the sinfonia. Keep solid and straight, because happiness is not a crooked tune.
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