Time to listen and know
February - 18 - 2012
Just stop for a little while and listen. Re-acquaint yourself with the beautiful, peaceful, intuitive person you are inside.

The oh-so-urgent concerns of the world can wait for a little bit. Take some time to listen to the wisdom that speaks softly but profoundly at the center of your being.

Remember what you have forgotten, and discover what you never before realized you knew. Don’t be so busy chasing success that you lose touch with why you’re doing it.

Quiet your thoughts and know the things that you can know without thinking. Give your dreams and your highest visions the chance to catch up with you.

Listen, without the need to interrupt or judge, or interject your thoughts. Just listen, and know.

Let wisdom and intuition speak clearly and freely to you. Take some quiet, peaceful time to listen, to accept the wisdom, and to know.

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Ashmita @Ashmita
Kolkata, India
I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination...
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