change due to positive thinking.
March - 03 - 2013
i ve all along been a person who loved to brood and could always find/create reasons for matter how good things were,i never felt happy for the fear of losing what i could feel happy about.i could get angry at the drop of a hat and blow the roof off.i could nither forgive myself nor others and for years kept grudges inside me against lots of people.not that life was easy but when i sit back and think, i feel i could ve handled it better.
i was realy becoming bored of what i was doing and slowly started working on myself from the beginning of this was difficult.whenever i tried to do or say anything positive i would have a setback of sorts and i would brood again.the difference was,after every setback,i stood up again n again n again.
slowly, i started to feel the change.i could take each failure in my stride and move forward because i accepted them as part of life's lessons.
i cud see my anger subsiding and i became open to understanding other's point of view and give them benefit of harshness was gone.i fell in love with myself first time in life.i could understand the meaning of let go.i learnt to forgive myself.
in short i ve become a happy light soul.
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Thanks for sharing your personal insights and about your positive transformation. Amazingly helpful.
leena singh @LEENA
Kolkata, India
i was born into a rich business family as the only child to my parents.i was brought up under very strict vigilance of my mother.married the man of my choice.lost my father at 30 and took up all the responsibilities of the family in every way.15 years later i m yoe to settle financially but rest of the life is happy n settled.
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