inching up very slowly to see brightness.
March - 07 - 2013
i ve been working on myself as person on all aspects:-
physically-this comes first as this is the most visible part of me.i exercise,walk,take a few right things as support n suppliment to my eratic life style of hard work.the only thing i need to work on z my sleep which i get for max 5-6hrs.long way to go.
mentally n spiritually-very slowly trying to achieve that eternal peace which makes me go above anyone's disturbance.when i step out of me n watch myself,i still find myself vulnerable to peoples' insult n emotions.i would respect myself when i ll be above these turbulances created by either people or grandma use to say-"apni ijjat ko itna uncha bana lo ke koi use hila n paye".make yourself so big that no one's insult touches you.
all the same i love myself and i m learning to respect n forgive myself.
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leena singh @LEENA
Kolkata, India
i was born into a rich business family as the only child to my parents.i was brought up under very strict vigilance of my mother.married the man of my choice.lost my father at 30 and took up all the responsibilities of the family in every way.15 years later i m yoe to settle financially but rest of the life is happy n settled.
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