Believing that extra mile ...
January - 24 - 2012
Ignore the appearances, genes and personalities: all humans are same in a way – basic matter, feelings, emotions and reactions.

All of us dream; all of us love the lazy holidays; all of us enjoy that caring look - those penetrating eyes that have the uncanny ability to look within us; all of us yearn for precious love; all of us have that one hidden wish; all of us are fueled with some passion; all of us visit those distant memories once in a while; and all of us want to do “something” in our personal/ professional life

Then what makes the difference between all of us who want and all of us who have?

That extra mile.

Put in a little more effort in your work, try to know a little more about your love, care a little more for family, trust and share a little more in your relationships, fathom those small phases of failure and keep hoping, believe endlessly in yourself and your dreams: Strengthen yourself: Jog, trudge, fall and get up, skip, plod, walk or run but go that extra mile and then we all will certainly HAVE !
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Nice post. It's never crowded along the extra mile.
Bhawana Khater @bhawanak

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