A Burning Desire
March - 22 - 2012
I just could not follow my passion and my dream
At the thought of it my heart gave out a scream
I thought of all the excuses real and imaginary
That made chasing my dreams all the more scary

I did not have a lot of money
To start working on my dream
I realized making a start was the important part
That all mighty things had a humble start

I cried that I did not have talent and skill
To work on my dream and go for the kill
I learned that persistence is more important than talent
It is a skill necessary on the road to accomplishment

I did not have friends in the right places
Who could help me with their good graces
I came to know that persistence is the best friend that can be
It could help me in the face of difficulties and teach me not to flee

I was afraid I would fail and fall
That I would be laughed at by one and all
I learned that failure is part of success
And sooner or later everyone their admiration will express

I could not find the courage to go on
In the face of difficulties I doubted my own brawn
I realized that courage is only a choice to make
To push on in the face of difficulties and never to break

I did not have anyone to support me
To lend a hand and encourage me in my journey
I learnt the only person you can always count on is you
I had to find the inner strength to become strong and to come through

I complained that I was very busy had no time
My dreams could wait till I found time
I realized that there will always be something to do
To focus on my dream is what I should always do

I was young and had no experience
I thought I could never survive without any assistance
I realized only when I begin ,work and fail will I become mature
In the beginning every artist was once an amateur

I thought mine was an impossible dream
It was difficult and could end up all in steam
I realized everything was impossible before it was done
All it needed was a good fight but not to turn around and run

I could not find the initiative to make a start
I was making all the excuses and saw my dream falling apart
I realized a burning desire is all that is needed to get started
I can really do it if I am willing and strong hearted

~ Ashwani Kumar
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