A Little Push
December - 08 - 2012
A little push when the road is steep
May take one up the hill;
A little prayer when the clouds hang low
May bring the soul a thrill;
A little lift when the load bears down
May help one gain his speed.

A little clasp from a hand that's kind
May lift from crushing care;
A little word from a voice that's sweet
May save one from despair;
A little smile when the heart is sad
May bring a sunbeam in
A loving word when the spirit droops
May help one rise and win.

A little love for a soul that's lost
May help him seek God's grace;
A little tear ad a " God bless you "
May brighten someone's face;
A little deed from a christian's heart
May bless a weary soul;
A little boost when the battle's hard
May take one to his goal.

~ Walter E. Eisenhower

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