An Oath to be Happy
March - 20 - 2012
Alone I sit and ponder
Ah! Happiness such a wonder
I think of it and grapple with
I thought happiness was just a myth

I searched for it in the mountains and seas
I tried to feel it in the gentle breeze
I looked for it in the hills and valleys
I searched for it in countless alleys

I bought all the comforts and luxuries
In the hope that it would make me happy
Soon I realized all these were short lived
I felt of my happiness I was cheated and deceived

I waited for the special someone to come into my life
To make me happy, to pull me out of all the strife
I pegged my happiness to the people around me
For a while I felt happy, loved and free

Soon people began to leave
My happiness began to melt away
I realized my life and my happiness
To their moods and fancies would always sway

No matter what, I wanted it at any cost
I made the pursuit of happiness my chief aim
I wanted to lay my hands on it and stake my claim
But however hard I tried it never came

I lost hope and gave up all the search
I learnt it does not come from the outside
I realized true happiness comes from within
It was always there and never left my side

I made a choice to be happy always
Even in the face of delays and dismays
To lead a happy life for this I was born
To fill my life with happiness an oath I have sworn

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