Don't Give Up
January - 17 - 2012
Yes, the story of three frogs start when three young frogs playing with each suddenly fell into a pot of milk accidently left open at a farmer’s house. The pot was only half filled and the walls of the pot were too high for the frogs to jump out. With the passage of time as the night became dark, the milk started to become freezing cold. And three frogs started shivering with cold. The first frog who was bravest of all suggested that they should start swimming along the walls of the pot as that will keep their bodies warm. The third frog, which was weakest of all submitted right away saying “This is our destiny and we will die tonight” and refused to swim.

But the second frog who had little bit of courage and who got motivated by first frog’s wordings decided to swim. But as the night progressed and milk became colder, the third frog died of cold and two frogs that were swimming started to fatigue. When our bodies are fatigued, it is our mental strength that keeps us moving.

The second frog, which otherwise was equally strong and equally brave as the first frog lacked the mental strength. He said to the first frog “It is of no use, the third frog was right, we should submit to destiny” and he stopped swimming. But the first frog said “Don’t Give up, my friend. Please continue swimming”. But the second frog did not listen to him and submitted, within a matter of time he too died of cold. But the first frog was determined to live; he continued swimming along the walls.

With all this circular movement, the churning of milk had been taking place. And as the first frog continued swimming, with passage of time a chunk of butter was formed in the milk. Surely, the frog did not know this scientific process but he had one thing in mind, “Don’t Give Up”. The chunk of butter, though very small, was product of his determination and firm belief. It gave him the platform upon which he could sit upon and rest without the fear of drowning. He sat on the butter, waiting for the sun to rise and arrival of opportunity to escape.

The farmer came in the morning and saw the pot open and with three frogs in it immediately spilled the milk and first frog that was still alive could feel its feet on ground now. He leapt into the nearby fields with leaps higher than ever.
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