Doors of Prosperity
February - 03 - 2012
I started my journey with a clear aim
On the road to success and fame
Through failures and difficulties the path led
Obstacles tried to stop me dead

I heard that test of fire makes fine steel
The test of obstacles makes fine men
Obstacles came and made me stronger
I had to rise and become their conqueror

I decided not feel bad over setbacks
I realized they were only temporary
I had to be strong and unconquerable
I had to overcome them to taste victory

I did not pray that difficulties be taken away
I only prayed that to me courage be given
I did not pray that my life be a smooth ride
I prayed for skill to navigate the rough tide

Obstacles were opportunities in disguise
They came and made me wise
Powers within me they arose
To help me deal with all the lows

I decided to despair not
I became aware of the strength within
It showed I possessed unlimited power
I fought bravely and did not run for cover

I was not born to submit
I was not meant to quit
I decided to go on and work with grit
I knew I would become a big hit

No matter how difficult the journey
No matter how big the obstacle
I decided to fight with all my might
To push on, never to run away in fright

I put my heart and soul into it
I cut down every obstacle with grit
I fought my way through every difficulty
Ultimately I reached the doors of prosperity
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with our heart and soul in it guess we can together achieve what we want to
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