Garden in our Hearts
February - 01 - 2012
Within each of us lies a garden,
you need only look inside,
it lies within our hearts
where love and hope abide.

It's there in all its splendor
though some eyes can not see
The beauty there within themselves,
so they choose not to believe.

But the gardens there, I've seen it
everytime I've witnessed love,
Everytime a heart has reached out
with compassion from above.

Each and every act of kindness
acts of giving, caring too,
All represent a flower
there inside of me and you.

But each garden must be tended
it needs love and special care,
An abundance of pure water
that is only found in prayer.

For the Master Gardener knows
of every heart of every bloom
And it's His hope and desire
in your garden you've made room,
So that He may tend the flowers
and may pull a weed or two,
For without the Master Gardener,
hearts have flowers, far too few.

~ Gina Laurin

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