Give Love
August - 24 - 2012
Hush little darlin', don't you cry
Every little thing's gonna be alright
Don't worry, don't be afraid...
Every little thing's gonna be OK.

Open up your heart, unlock the cage, turn the key and break the chains.

Love will always find a way. If you want love, you gotta give love away.

Give Love - Give Your Love Away

Give Love Don't be Afraid!
Give Your Love Away
Give Your Love Away Now!
Give Love
Love is life and life is living
Living is love and love is giving
What we live for - love, it gives life meaning
We live to give love, there's no way of feeling
this feeling of kindness
as when love's inside us
Nobody can sell this
so try to buy this, coz love is priceless
and it guides us, lifts us up, and ignites us
Love can bind us and remind us
Love has no limit, coz love is timeless
Hate & fear will try to blind us, but love unites us
Nobody can fight this, coz love is righteous
and it might just save the whole world from this global crisis
Throw your hands up if you know what the time is
Open up your heart and let it shine the brightest!

I believe the very best philosophy
is when we live to give love with generosity
Give it consciously, and constantly
When we all give love, there's no stopping we!
Just open up the door and let your love pour
When we open up to LOVE we can never be poor
Inside the core, way more in store than you can bargain for
An infinite supply for us to share
Just throw your hands up in the air
Wave 'em all around the atmosphere
Show the whole world how much you care
Give everybody love and respect 'cause what we give is what we get!
Come on, always remember, never forget...
What we give is what we get

Give LOVE. Give your Love a WAY
Give LOVE, don't be afraid
Give LOVE, give your love away, now!

~ MC Yogi
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