Life is always worth living
July - 18 - 2012
Do not complain that life is hard
That it is full of suffering and pain
Do not cry that life is full of difficulties
That your life has become a bane

Life is hard but is worth fighting for
There is a bit of pain but a lot of gain too
Obstacles come to make you strong
To give you strength and teach you all along

Do not let your days become a bore
Do not let your life become a routine chore
Do not spend your time in regret
Thinking of the things you could not get

Do not keep thinking about the past
You never know how long your life will last
Leave behind a legacy that will long last
Go out there and have a blast

Enjoy the rain and the sunshine
Take joy in all the little things
The bigger picture in life is important
But the little things make life pleasant

Do not go around with a gloomy face
Spread joy and happiness at any place
It does not matter if you are not successful and rich
Through your love and joy make the world rich

More than earning money and fame
Make achieving happiness your chief aim
Success and money will come and play a part
But chase your dreams and follow your heart

You get to live your life only once
Do not throw it all away
Even in the face of grieving and misgiving
Know that your life is always worth living
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