February - 05 - 2012
The time has come for all to reconnect
To set aside ego and put the mind in check
Never has this leap been more vital
To each and every souls poetic recital

We as One are about to evolve
And all life's lessons need find their resolve
Freeing yourself from the chains that bind
Emptying emotions of the chaotic kind

Simplify we must to prepare for ascent
For to ride this wave one cannot lament
All the pains that do subside
Given that the notion be enjoying the ride

Raise your cup to the awareness within
There is the wisdom of all our kin
Those that carved the way to change
Consciously evolved and no longer estranged

Wake up brothers and sisters of light
Wake up from the darkness of this long cold night
Together as One we must reconnect
For no longer our souls can we continue to neglect
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