Sign from God
February - 26 - 2012
When looking for a sign from God
Sometimes we cannot see;
The road He's chosen for our path
Is still a mystery.

Start looking with your heart
Instead of with your eyes,
And what was once a mystery
Will no longer be disguised.

For with Him there is no limit
There's nothing He can't do,
The words "what if" do not belong
When He shows His signs to you.

His sign may be a similar thought
An action, word or deed
That you thought about and carried out
To someone else in need.

His sign may be two hearts
That seem to beat as one
Like dark clouds moved away
By the rising of the sun.

When someone puts a limit
On distance, time or space
The signs cannot be seen
Of His Amazing Grace.

So when searching for a sign from God
Be sure to always know,
God gives you confirmation
Of where He wants you to go.

~ Maria P Urso

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