You are Powerful beyond Measure
January - 03 - 2012
First, God has made you in His image. Think about that for a while. That knowledge alone should already be enough to banish all negative feelings that you might have about yourself.

Second, God has made you a most fantastic creation. The following is a slightly modified extract from Og Mandinoís book 'The Greatest Miracle In The World':

Your heart is the most wonderful pump ever created - pulsating, hour after hour, day and night, thirty-six million beats each year, year after year, asleep or awake, pumping your blood through more than sixty thousand miles of veins, arteries, and tubing . . . pumping more than six hundred thousand gallons each year.

Your skin is a magnificent creation. Unlike steel, it will never rust nor perish. It constantly renews itself, new cells replacing old ones, in a never ending cycle until the day you die.

And your lungs? Arenít those portholes to life the most wonderful things? They support you even in the vilest of environments, and they labor non stop to filter life-giving oxygen through six hundred million pockets of folded flesh while they rid your body of gaseous wastes.

Now we get to your blood. You have only about 5 quarts of blood, but in it are twenty-two trillion blood cells and within each cell are millions of molecules and within each molecule is an atom oscillating at more than ten million times each second. Each second, two million of your blood cells die to be replaced by two million more in a resurrection that has continued since your birth.

Your brain Ė the most powerful computer in the universe. Within its three pounds are thirteen billion nerve cells. More than one thousand billion billion protein molecules help you file away every perception, every sound, every taste, every smell, every action you have experienced since the day of your birth.

And, to assist your brain in the control of your body, dispersed throughout your form are four million pain-sensitive structures, five hundred thousand touch detectors, and more than two hundred thousand temperature detectors.

Within you is enough potential energy to light up any of the world's great cities.

Third, God loves you! Yes, I know that it is very difficult for some people to accept that anyone loves them, but it is true Ė God loves you! More than youíll ever know and deeper than youíll ever be able to fathom.

Fourth, God made you unique! Never in the history of mankind has there ever been someone exactly like you. Neither is there currently someone alive who is exactly like you. And there will never be someone in the future who is exactly like you. Out of approximately 70 billion people who have ever walked on this planet there is no one like you!

God gave you everything you need to achieve a life of fulfillment.

All you have to do is to GRAB the opportunities that God sends your way. But how will you know that it is an opportunity if you donít have goals?

Goals Give You Targets to Aim at. So set your goals, and then start working on a plan to achieve them.

Confucius said, "A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step." That is still true to this day.

And you know what? It's the first step that gets most people down.

Just think about it: it is impossible to take the second step until youíve taken the first one, isnít it?
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