God is Watching
March - 15 - 2012
There were 2 boys playing one day when they got bored. Little Johnny turned to little Billy and said, "I'm bored: let's go to the corner store and steal some candy."

Little Billy says: "Oh no! I can't do that! God is watching me!"

Little Johnny replies: "You mean to tell me that you believe there is a God up there watching everything you do, so that one day he can punish you?"

Little Billy says: "No, I am telling you that I believe there is a God up there that loves me s-o-o-o much, He can't take his eyes off me!"
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shweta @shwetanahata
Kolkata, India
"All are the children of God and are born equals"......this is what describes me. I believe that I have the divine capacity to manifest and attract all that I want to achieve in life. Miracle will not happen for me...indeed I will make it happen. This is my first wish to make the truest endeavor to realize all my dreams and be of some help to enlighten as many lives as I can.
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