The Spark
January - 30 - 2012
Each and every single one of us
Have been given a magnificent spark
A unique blessing from our creator
A gift and purpose - to make our mark

An incredible eternal energy within
Fueling each individual inner glow
The origin of our distinctive passion
Power to change the world we know

But many choose to ignore the gift
When sadly they choose to refrain
From the spirit of their potential
Instead content to simply maintain

Void of commitment, no zeal for life
Mundane, the tasks absorbing each day
Uninspired, coping, the time passing by
With dreams and aspirations hidden away

The truth is each and every one of us
Were created with an extraordinary spark
But waste the gift… ignore our purpose
And condemn our very essence to the dark

- D Anthony
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shweta @shwetanahata
Kolkata, India
"All are the children of God and are born equals"......this is what describes me. I believe that I have the divine capacity to manifest and attract all that I want to achieve in life. Miracle will not happen for me...indeed I will make it happen. This is my first wish to make the truest endeavor to realize all my dreams and be of some help to enlighten as many lives as I can.
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