God has something great for us
January - 13 - 2012
Once there was a small girl. One fine day she got to know that God is distributing apples to all human in heaven. She was so happy to receive the news. She went merrily to heaven to receive an apple from God. On reaching heaven, she saw a big queue of people awaiting their turn to receive apples from God. She also joined the queue.

The little girl was joyful because she was going to receive an apple from God. Finally it was her turn to receive an apple and she stretched out her hand in anticipation. God gave the girl an apple. However, her tiny hands were unable to hold the apple and it fell down. The girl felt disappointed as she would then be expected to wait in the queue once again to receive the gift of an apple. As she did not want to go back empty handed, she turned around and joined the long queue once again. This time the queue was longer than the previous time. Waiting in the queue she watched people who had received their apples and were leaving the place happily. She wondered as to why only she could not get a grip on the apple God tried to place in her hands. She was worried for she should not lose the apple once more. Finally once again it was her turn to receive the apple God spoke to her, “My dear child, last time after giving you the apple I observed that the apple was a rotten one and therefore I made you drop it. Having realized this, I wanted you to have the best apple of all. At that time the best apple was still growing on the tree and so I made you wait for a long time. Here is the apple for you, the very best available. Enjoy it!”

Sometimes we put in our best efforts in doing our tasks. However the outcome is delayed or contrary to our expectations. Remember always that God has something great in store for us and therefore, the delay.
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Sudarshan @sudarshan
Kolkata, India
I only wish that ordinary people had an unlimited capacity for doing harm; then they might have an unlimited power for doing good.
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