Gratitude is the awareness of all the good things
May - 05 - 2014
Gratitude is the AWARENESS of all the good things people have done for us, and the READINESS to pay them back with interest.

People think gratitude is a feeling of happiness for the good things people have done for us. Such a feeling is an expression of selfishness and self-interest. People who feel like this generally take all that you can give and then walk away as if you owed them all that you gave.

Of course, one must remember that under certain circumstances people can help you by not helping you at all or by showing total indifference to you. You must feel grateful not because you received or did not receive something, but because you have increased your maturity and wisdom by doing or not doing certain things for you.

Grateful people feel eternally indebted to life and to all people everywhere.They radiate the beneficent rays of gratitude in all their relationships.Thus they affirm that all is given to them under law and that all is paid back under law.

- Torkom Saraydarian, Thought and the Glory of Thinking
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